Google goes Social

Google +

Google har äntligen lanserat sin nya tjänst Google + som ska vara en utmanare till Facebook enligt dom själva, det återstår naturligtvis att se hur det blir med den saken men helt klart är att det är mycket intressant att Google nu på allvar ger sig i kast med att konkurrera med Facebook.

För egen del har jag ännu inte fått någon invite, men av de förhandsbilder som finns plus av Google’s egen video framgår att det bl.a. finns mycket större möjligheter att kontrollera det material man själv lägger upp på tjänsten.

Andra tjänster som försökt utmana Facebook är t.ex. Diaspora och PersonFolder men det känns inte som att någon riktigt lyckas ta upp kampen på riktigt. Vi är ju vanemänniskor och ‘hänger’ gärna med våra vänner i invanda miljöer….


Google docs and how it rescued me

Soon it is two years since I started to use Google Docs and also uploaded the documents I had on my computer, and soon enough I was very aware that was on of the smartest things I had done. My harddrive crashed and it was by the end of the month, Bills to pay and reports to be given to the unemployment agency. Luckily I had a disc with a live version of Ubuntu which gave me access to Internet and also Google Docs  plus my other favourite Evernote. I was this way allowed to go online and make my banking and also to save the summary of my payments as a PDF file to Google Docs.

My report to the unemployment agency was a piece of cake due to my online journal in Evernote, but I also made two applications during my wait for an exchange harddrive. I had my CV uploaded to Google Docs and also my prepared personal letters there. And sending them from within Google Docs is very easy, so I didn’t loose either pace or speed.

Google Docs gives me all I need from an office suite, you can make document (wordlike). spreadsheets (excelllike) and presentations (Powerpointlike) online, share them very easy with other, embed them on your blog. You can cooperate in documents and that way you don’t even have to be in the same country to do work together. You can also make forms to do easy surveys and embed them also on your blog. The result comes to you in a spreadsheet that is created at the same time as the form. My guess is that when people realizes the potential that lays within Google Docs they will start using that instead of MSoffice or Open Office.

For me I try to find online solutions for all my software needs, and I look forward to further developments in that field. Both form a users perspective as well as from my Consultant perspective where I can cooperate easier with my partners, instead of sending emails back and forth…

I will return later on here about how to work smarter by using online tools.